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Discover more about Ajinomoto through interesting stories to promote Thai people “Eat Well, Live Well”.

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ASV represents the essence of Ajinomoto’s Group business activities that contribute to create shared value through its business to become a Genuine Global Specialty Company.


Umami: The Fifth Basic Taste

From the discovery of 'Umami Taste' (deliciousness), the unique taste which cannot identify as sour, sweet, salty, nor bitter, leading to the first "UMAMI SEASONING": WORLDWIDE DELICIOUSNESS

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Our Corporate Brand Logo

Discover the meaning of Ajinomoto and Ajinomoto Group Global Brand Logo or AGB logo

Banner of link https://www.ajinomoto.co.th/our-product
Banner of link https://www.ajinomoto.co.th/our-product

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Discover your wonderful experiences with us such as Virtual Factory Tour, E-Cooking Magazine and Ajinomoto Cooking Class.

Ajinomoto Group of Companies in Thailand

Virtual Factory Tour

Welcomes everyone to visit our factories ONLINE through Ajinomoto Virtual Factory Tour.

Our Magazine

Mae Baan Thi Rak

The cooking book ‘Mae Baan Thi Rak‘ was first launched in 1973 and has continually been improved until now available as E-magazine which is about menu recipe and nutrition knowledge

Cooking Club

Our cooking class

“Ajinomoto Cooking Class” the happy kitchen for food lover. We provide FREE cooking class for everyone who loves cooking.

About Us
About Us

To contribute to greater wellness for people worldwide,unlocking the power of amino acids. this is the Ajinomoto Group’s promise to our customers.​

Our Product
Our Product

We’ve been developing various kinds of quality product to meet consumer need while maximizing their highest satisfaction.

Our recipe​
Our recipe​

Cook healthy and delicious food with our umami recipe for your loved ones.