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Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd.


The Phra Pradaeng Factory is the first MSG factory in Thailand and the first production base of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. It started producing “AJI-NO-MOTO®” MSG product, the umami seasoning, since 1962 until May 2020. Currently the factory produces the instant coffee mixed powder “Birdy® 3 in 1”, low calorie sugar “Lite Sugar®”, and new product to meet consumer’s demand.


The Pathum Thani Factory was formerly established as the manufacturer of L-Lysine, an essential amino acid for protein supplement in animal feed. Currently, the company has changed this factory to be the new MSG production base to produce AJI-NO-MOTO® MSG product, an umami seasoning, which uses tapioca starch, the abundant agricultural material of Thailand, as the raw material., in order to meet consumer’s demand both domestic and foreign. The factory starts the production of AJI-NO-MOTO® MSG product since April, 2020.


The Kamphaeng Phet Factory comprises of 2 company’s production bases to produce “AJI-NO-MOTO®” product in 1997 and Ribonucleotides product, flavor enhancer, under the brand “AJITIDE® I+G” in 2003, which is widely used in industrial food manufacturing such as instant noodles, sauces, snacks, etc. Both of our products are produced from tapioca starch as main raw material. In addition, the factory has implemented “Biomass Boiler Technology” by using rice husks to produce stream energy instead of fuel oil. This helps reduce petroleum import and reduce carbon dioxide or Green House Effect emission, which is the cause of global warming. Besides, it helps create value added to the agricultural waste products and generate more incomes to local farmers. Moreover, the Ajinomoto exhibition center to provide umami information, MSG production and ASV story to the public is located here as well.


The Factory is located in Nong Khae Industrial Estate, Saraburi Province, with its first product manufacturing, “RosDee®”, flavor seasoning powder, to respond highly increasing demand from Thai consumers and consistent market growth. It is also an important company’s production base of other food products such as “RosDeeMenu®”, completed taste menu seasoning powder product, “RosDee cube”, “Cook do®”, menu seasoning product and etc. The Nong Khae Factory is one of the largest high quality food production bases of the company and in Asia by establishing the Thai Food Technology Center (T-FTC) to conduct research and development to deliver high quality and safe product to consumers.


The factory is located in Nakhon Luang District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. It is the third MSG Factory of the company to produce “AJI-NO-MOTO®” product to support the market growth both domestic and overseas. The factory started its operation in April, 2013. This factory utilizes advanced production technologies from Japan which enables the use of agricultural material which is tapioca starch for “AJI-NO-MOTO®” production. Besides, for sustainable living with the community, the factory implements “Biomass Boiler Installation” which uses rice husk to produce stream energy replacing the petroleum usage. It is the 2nd factory of the company next to Kamphaeng Phet Factory that successfully developed this technology. In addition, the factory also set up the exhibition room to provide all-round information of umami and MSG such as production process and its safety matter to the public as well.


Lat Lum Kaeo Packing Factory is located in Lat Lum Kaeo District, Pathum Thani Province. It was established to support the packing of “AJI-NO-MOTO®” product and “Birdy® 3 in 1”, instant coffee mixed powder. The factory is highly equipped with advance technology as well as the strict operation in every process under the international standard system.

Wan Thai Foods Industry Co., Ltd.


Wan Thai Foods Industry Co.,Ltd. is the first manufacturer of instant noodle in Thailand under brand “YumYum” with brand promise as we contribute to create happiness & good life for all through “YumYum” products with high value continuously and numerous sorts of products such as bag noodle “YumYum Jumbo”, Cup noodle “YumYum Tem Tem” and the snack noodle for kids “YumYum Chang Noi”, with quality and various flavors, “YumYum” receives high satisfaction from consumers.

Erawan Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has established a factory to produce “Birdy®” canned coffee at Nong Khae Industrial Estate in Saraburi Province which started the operation in April 2008 and expanded its production capacity in July, 2013 to meet market increasing demand. “Birdy®” canned coffee production process starts from keen selection of green coffee beans, cleaning, roasting, extracting, blending to the filling and packing with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest quality product, deserved as number one brand in consumers’ mind.


The company is responsible for sales of consumer-food products from all Ajinomoto Group of Companies in Thailand to wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, convenient stores, modern trade, department stores including food shops and restaurants nationwide. Taking the lead in sales and distribution, Ajinomoto Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has established product depots and distribution centers connected by an on-line computer network to facilitate distributing products to the markets all over the country. Besides, sales strategy and sales promotion planning are well-managed by highly efficient sales team, with the purpose to respond to customer’s needs and meet highest customer’s satisfaction.

Ajitrade(Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Siam Tokai Co., Ltd.
Si Ayutthaya Real Estate Co., Ltd.


Si Ayutthaya Real Estate Co., Ltd is one of the Ajinomoto Group of Companies in Thailand established to support the Ajinomoto Group regarding real estate for business such as office building space for rent and etc. Si Ayutthaya Building is the 18-storey height building utilized as the location of Head Office of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. including the Ajinomoto Group of Companies. It is located at 487/1 Si Ayutthaya Road, Khwaeng Thanon Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Bangkok. Besides, the company also supports the Ajinomoto Group in providing of land for lease as factory location, distribution center and branch office as well.

Ajinomoto Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Ajinomoto Frozen Foods (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer of diverse ranges of frozen processed food products for domestic markets and exports, which is very high popular particularly in Japan. The company has expanded the factory for increasing the production capacity to serve customer demands as well as penetrating to Europe and Asian markets. The factory is located at Ban Wa (Hi-Tech) Industrial Estate, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya. Based on the abundant supply of agricultural and livestock products along with skilled labor forces and high efficient technology from Japan, frozen processed foods from Thailand then is produced with high quality and accepted in the world market.

Ajinomoto Engineering 2001 (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


Ajinomoto Engineering 2001 (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established as the technological and engineering service provider for domestic and foreign customers. The services engage in all-round technological and engineering supports e.g. general engineering services, design, construction, consultant, machine installation, and maintenance service as well as machinery import and export. The operation is strictly controlled and managed thoroughly by proficient engineering team both Thai and Japanese.

Ajinomoto FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ajinomoto FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Ajinomoto FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the first company of The Ajinomoto Group of Companies in Thailand, established as ‘Green Business Model’ in managing ‘Co-products’ derived from the production processes, the product from the company are “Ami-Ami®”, a natural soil conditioner for plants that can also be used as plankton’s nutrient in fishery industry, “Root Mate®”, a high quality organic chemical fertilizer and “Ajitein™”, feed additive. The company establishment is purposed to help Thai agriculturists reduce their production cost, increase productive growths, and simultaneously improve the national economy. The company comprises of 3 sites located in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Kamphaeng Provinces. In addition, we are also the service provider in supplying agricultural products e.g. cabbage, coffee, and etc. to the Ajinomoto Group under the “Bio-Cycle” policy.

Ajinomoto Sea Regional Headquarters Co., Ltd.


ARH is located at Si Ayutthaya building, with the mission to support affiliated companies in the ASEAN and South Asia Region to expand their business and reinforce business structure by working in line with their local staff. The tasks are also to indicate the business direction and take lead in achieving targeted goals of each affiliated companies in the region. The company mainly focuses on the high value added creation to consumer food business of each affiliated companies since the consumer food market has high potential growth in the region.

Yusen Food Supply Chain (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Ajinomoto Business Center (Thailand) Co., Ltd.