Ajinomoto Thailand

Life at Ajinomoto

“Ajinomoto” is always open for people who have potential and willing to improve themselves to be part of us to develop the living standard of Thai’s society simultaneously improving the organization effectively and sustainably. We focus on Career and Human Development being skill enhancement or career opportunities and our employee well-being since day one like how farmers choose the best seeds and consistently take a good care of it till growing.
Life at Ajinomoto
Work Well
Since the employee is the key resource of the company, Ajinomoto aims to facilitate work environment to build up the happiness and stability of working life.
Live Well
Our first priority is employees’ voice. We take it to improve welfare and any policies align with employees’ life to eat well and live well in Ajinomoto family.
Human Development
Human Development
Ajinomoto believes in humans’ value, therefore we intend to improve in that particular area through training and development programs that involve brainstorming session, coaching and implementing. More importantly, the company constructs the Career Development Plan (CDP) aiming that our employees will have higher degree of motivation to improve themselves and continuously learning. Besides, internal, external and oversea training programs are presented to develop our employees’ skills and abilities whether it be general skills, specialized skills and leadership skills in order to support effectively and efficiently working.
Ajinomoto provides opportunity for employees to grow higher in particular field through CDP as well as to grow in other field of work through job rotation methodology. The mentioned methods are ways to assign suitable and challenging tasks for employees leading to self-development and continuously learning, including, focusing on legacy knowledge transferring in order to pass on necessary skill and culture from generation to generation.