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Our Welfare & Benefit

Financial Benefit
The company considers the standard to pay salary from the knowledge, experience and working skill by regularly surveying and comparing with market standard in order to retain and keep the talent employees.
Cost of Living
Besides suitable salary, the company lightens the load of financial burden for employee by paying the cost of living allowance.
The company pays bonus to compensate the employee’s dedication according to the company profits and individual performance. The criteria will be emphasized in the employee performance comparing with their personal target to achieve. bonus will be paid 2 times per year, on june and december.
Provident Fund
Provident fund is an important benefit provided by the company in order to make living security for employees after resigning complied with the provident fund act law and government’s policy that encourage private company to establish for employee. For the criteria, both employee and the company will pay this fund in balance proportion.
Other Welfares
  • The subsidy for child’s education.
  • The subsidy for early retirement
  • The remunerate for retirement
  • The medical treatment expenses for employee and parents
  • The annual health check-up
Non-financial Benefit
Annual Leave
The company emphasizes in work-life balance. So, the company provides annual leave days align with labor law and the annual leaves earned in each year are allowed to be carried forward.
Uniform and shuttle bus for factory employee
For employees who operate in the factory, uniform will be provided in order to promote discipline and order as well as the better working condition. Moreover, the company also considers the convenience of work transportation by providing the shuttle bus in any areas nearby the factory.
In case of employee who works in the factory, the company provides free rice as the welfare of lunch assistant.
Lunch cost assistance
In case of employees in head office, they will get the monthly lunch cost assistance.
Honorable Reward
The company also presents an honorable reward to motivate employees who have an efficient performance, can achieve the target or create the new innovation to improve the better working process.
First Aid Room
The company provides the standard nurse room in the working location especially in the factory to first-aid and takes care employees in the emergency case taken while working before go to the hospital.

5 working days / Week

Head office Near BTS Phaya Thai
Free Shuttle Bus Pick-up at the factory
Free lunch cost And rices

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