Ajinomoto Foundation delivers the standard canteen at Watmaipromsuwan School, Prachinburi Province


          Recently, Ajinomoto Foundation led by Mr.Varong Prayoonpong (middle), Director and Deputy Treasurer, Ajinomoto Foundation delivered the Ajinomoto canteen at Watmaipromsuwan School, Amphoe Kabinburi, Prachinburi Province to          Dr. Arayan Sangnikool (3th from left), Director Supervision of Prachinburi Primary Educational Service Area Office 2 as the representative. The school received the fund of canteen construction with a total budget 1,000,000 Baht in 2019 under “Ajinomoto for Thais: Better Nutrition, Stronger Nation” Project. Moreover, Ajinomoto Foundation also provides the nutrition training for school personnel aiming to continually improve nutrition in students, including developing as a model school of nutrition for other neighborhood schools afterward.

          Upon the project from 2010 – 2020, the foundation has been supporting the construction of standard and hygienic canteen totally 106 MB to cover 130 schools nationwide with budget of 105 million Baht in total. This aims to promote better nutritional condition of Thai students and entailing the stronger nation in the future.

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