Ajinomoto heightens Opportunity for Food Vendors


          Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., welcomed 20 food vendors to learn exclusive cooking tips under the project “Cooking tips to attract customers by Ajinomoto Cooking Club”, lectured by Asst. Prof. Marin Salee (Middle), a specialist from Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Home Economics Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, to pass on nutrition knowledge and cooking technique via menu “Sukhothai noodles and Fried Taro” using Rosdee Noodle Soup and Rosdee products for menu application and to further their own food business. Apart from quality products delivering to consumers, the Ajinomoto Group also promotes healthy living society in accordance with the “Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV)” policy.

          The activity was recently held at Ajinomoto Cooking Club, Si Ayutthaya Building, Bangkok.   

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