Ajinomoto signs the 5-year contract of technology transfer of PGPR bio-fertilizer with Department of Agriculture (DOA)


         Recently, Mr.Takaaki Arashida (5th from right), Vice President of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., signed the 5-year contract of technology transfer of PGPR bio fertilizer with Mr.Phichet Wiriyapaha as a representative of Department of Agriculture (DOA). Through this contract, the company has right for utilizing PGPR technology and know-how in developing, producing and distributing this bio fertilizer with reasonable price to Thai farmers for 5 years. The signing agreement was held at Department of Agriculture (DOA).

         Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) bio fertilizer is a beneficial group of soil bacteria that is capable of colonizing plant roots and promote plant growth by nitrogen fixation, dissolve the mineral in soil and produce the growth substance which will effect agricultural productivity and crop strength.

         Mr.Takaaki Arashida stated that “Each year Ajinomoto Thailand consumes a lot of agricultural products. We would like to contribute sustainability of Thai agriculture by using our bio-technology and bio-cycle value chain to create more productivity and value of Thai agricultural product. As Ajinomoto and DOA have the same aspiration to improve farmers’ better life, so we collaborated and signed this agreement for developing and providing PGPR bio-fertilizer as the best benefit for Thai farmers, both reasonable price and product availability. We aim that PGPR bio-fertilizer product will be able to increase 10% of crop yield and reduce 25% of chemical fertilizer usage.”

         In this regards, the company believes that this PGPR bio fertilizer will be beneficial for Thai farmer and can improve Thai farmer’s better life as the company ASV policy (The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value).

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