Birdy revamps all package designs with new Espresso formula


    “Birdy”, the top market leader of canned coffee, revamps its package design to be more outstanding and modern image while introducing the new taste improvement of Birdy Espresso that comes with “Tom Isara”, a popular singer, as new presenter to penetrate coffee lovers who are fond of intense, well-blended and fresh coffee. The budget has set at an approximately 100 million baht for marketing communications with the aim to strengthen existing customers and expand to new target of young generations, expected to grow this year by 5% while maintaining the number one leading position in Thailand’s market.

     The market situation of RTD coffee in Thailand shows positive trend compared to last year with total market value at around 13,000 million baht. Latest, Birdy introduced the new packaging design of its 4 flavors i.e. Birdy Robusta, Birdy Espresso, Birdy Latte and Birdy Black. Particularly, its “Green Stripe” Espresso Flavor not only comes with the new package design but also improves its formula to meet coffee lover need who favor the taste of intense, well-blended and fresh coffee. It debuts a popular singer “Tom Isara” as the new presenter to represent the unique of Birdy Espresso through the original soundtrack song in the new TVC. Also, it plans to utilize selective media e.g. TV, radio, online media along with numerous below-the-line and consumer promotions to retain existing customers and to capture new young gen target around the country.

     “Birdy” is the pioneer of RTD canned coffee market of the country since 1993 and hold customers’ mind the number one position since then. Birdy new packages and new formula of Birdy Espresso are now available at retail shops, convenient stores and department stores nationwide.

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