RosDee Cube launches two new Flavors; Tom Yum and Chicken Flavor


          RosDee Cube introduced two new flavors i.e.RosDee Cube Tom Yum” which is specially developed for hot and sour soup menu enhancing strong smell of spices from real natural ingredients such as galangal, lemon grass, lemon leaves, and lemon including strong spicy taste with a natural chili paste smell and “RosDee Cube Chicken” that provides rich smell from simmering broth of bone and chicken mixing with Thai spices including garlic, pepper and nice aroma of coriander root. This is one of Ajinomoto’s innovative products using our key expertise of Umami for quality product development to meet consumer needs and provides more convenient, shortens cooking time and decreases amount of ingredients preparation reflecting our intention to promote Thai people Eat Well, Live Well” which is a part of our corporate policy “Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV). The new flavors of RosDee Cube are now available at stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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