Ajinomoto introduces Amino Acids to Thai top athlete


         At the Amata Spring Country Club, Chonburi, Mr.Kaoru Kurashima (3rd from left), the President of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., recently signed the official sponsorship agreement between Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. and Pro Golfer Onnarin  Sattayabanphot (3rd from right) or “Pro Moo”, the 33-year-old, who recently won the title at the Golf Five Ladies Professional Golf Tournament in Chiba, Japan. As part of official sponsor, nutritional diet guidance via “Kachimeshi Program” or so called “Winning Meal”, “amino Vital®” – Amino acid conditioning product including monetary supports during the tournament will be provided, aiming to flourish her achieving highest record both domestic and international competitions to come. 

          Ajinomoto, Japan is a global manufacturer of high-quality amino acid based products and has been contributing to food, health and nutrition through wide-ranging application of amino acid technologies. Started in 2003, the Company has been entering sport area by promoting amino acids benefits and well-balance diets among top-level Japanese athletes under the “Victory Project®”.  Its tremendous success results had led to sponsoring other sport events i.e. Rio Olympic Games in Brazil (2016), the 29th SEA Games and the 9th ASEAN Para Games in Malaysia (2017) including the upcoming Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan (2020). This time partnership agreement with Thai Pro Golfer is the first crucial step for the Company to contribute its unique in amino acids technologies towards Thai athlete to level up performance and achieve their goal.

          Pro Moo stated that “I’d like to say thank you to Ajinomoto for supporting me in competitions including nutrition diet guidance and ‘amino Vital®’. When there were many tournaments, it helps me a lot, especially, in the last 9-hole competition because it obviously improved body endurance comparing to last year. Personally, I have been experiencing ‘amino Vital®’ products for a while, specifically after using ‘amino Vital® Pro’ and ‘amino Vital® Gold’, I could feel my body betterment very well.”

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