Ajinomoto Foundation grants 20 MB under "Ajinomoto for Thais: Better Nutrition, Stronger Nation" Project for the 4th consecutive year


         Recently, Ajinomoto Foundation led by Mr.Phichien Koosmith (middle), Vice Chairman of Ajinomoto Foundation, together with top management, granted 20 Million Baht to Ms. Usanee Thanosawan (4th from left), Deputy Secretary-General, Office of the Basic Education Commission in order to support canteen construction of the 20 needy schools selected in the 4th year of "Ajinomoto for Thais: Better Nutrition, Stronger Nation" project. The ceremony was held at the OBEC 1 conference room, Ministry of Education.

          Ajinomoto Foundation Signed MOU with Ministry of Education through “Ajinomoto for Thais: Better Nutrition, Stronger Nation Project”, one of CSR activities of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., under the budget 70 Million Baht for the construction of sanitary canteens for 70 needy schools nationwide, including nutritional training support to its teachers and related personnel as well.

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