Birdy urges on RTD coffee market worth 13,000 million baht by introducing its new products with 50% lower sugar for health-conscious coffee lovers


          “Birdy”, the top market leader of RTD canned coffee in Thailand, introduces its two new formulas with 50% lower sugar from the original i.e. Birdy® Black Low Sugar recipe” and “Birdy® Robusta Low Sugar recipe” certified with the “Healthier Choice Logo. The new product formula aims to respond the trend of consumers that become more health-conscious and are seeking for a healthier cup with less sugar. The company has set the budget at an approximately 60 million baht for marketing communications through selective online and offline platforms with the aim to capture the new young generation of coffee lovers, expected to grow this year by 3% while strengthening the number one leading position in Thailand’s market.

           Mr. Daisuke Ishii, Unit Manager of Processed Foods Business and Beverage Business of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. said that “nowadays the trend of consumer is evolving and becoming more health-conscious. They look for a healthy cup and prefer a drink with less sugar including healthier choice logo. Last year, the less or zero sugar soft drink market shown a tremendous growth rate at 54% or equivalent market value at around 1,800 million baht. For the market situation of RTD coffee in Thailand, it has shown sign of positive trend by increasing 2% compared to the last five years with total market value at around 13,000 million baht. All of products under Birdy’s brand is still get well acceptance from Thai consumers particularly Birdy® Black” and “Birdy® Barista” which contains less sugar has shown a rapid growth rate at 65% and 18% compared to last year respectively. The company sees the opportunity to develop products with low sugar formula that truly reflects our intention of creating “healthy living society” and contributing to improve the quality of life in accordance with our Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value policy (ASV). This is the first time introducing 2 new products with 50% lower sugar of Birdy RTD canned coffee and soon we will launch the new TVC under the concept of “healthy coffee with intense taste and 50% lower sugar from the original” and to debut Kao Jirayu”, a popular singer and actor, as the new presenter to represent the unique of our low sugar formula as the healthy coffee choice for the health-conscious coffee lovers and new generations. It plans to implement an integrated marketing campaign including TV, digital marketing campaign and point-of-purchase materials to communicate and penetrate the new targets.

          “Birdy” is the pioneer of RTD canned coffee market of the country since 1993 and hold customers’mind as the number one position since then.Birdy® Black Low Sugar”, black coffee with strong and real coffee taste and Birdy® Robusta Low Sugar”, an intense coffee taste with milk with well-roasted coffee aroma and low sweetness, are now available for 15 Baht at 7-ELEVEN, convenient stores and department stores nationwide.

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