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Banner of <p>Salt Enhancer</p>
Banner of <p>Salt Enhancer</p>

Salt Enhancer

Salt Enhancer
- Enhance saltiness intensity
- Enhance spice intensity as continuity
- Improve mouthfeel and overall taste
- Suitable for vegan and vegetarian food


- The product provides its key benefits in maintaining full flavor and deliciousness while significantly support food manufacturers to reduce sodium amount in their industrial products such as instant noodles, snacks, seasoning products, and etc.

- “SALT ANSWERTM KEM” can help to control sodium amount in  final product by reduce salt content around 30% and use “SALT ANSWERTM KEM”  at recommended dosage 0.1-0.5% to make the final product have same delicious. The another advantage of “SALT ANSWERTM KEM” is it can help to enhance spiciness, hotness and spice flavor e.g. chilli, garlic and etc. That can help entrepreneur save cost in production.

- Package 10 Kg Price (Contact Sales)

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