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RosDee Cube Pork

RosDee cube Pork 
is a bouillon cube seasoning that contains not only real pork bone soup stock but also Thai spices needed to cook soup deliciously such as pepper, garlic with nice aroma of coriander root. It provides real completed taste for cooking soup without need of any seasoning else.


Iodized Salt 47%, Plam Fat 18%, Sugar 9%, Pork stock 4%, Spice 0.8%, Pork Extract Meat Powder 0.5%, Flavour Enhancer (Monosodium L-glutamate and Disodium 5’-ribonucleotides), Food Additives (Maltodextrin, INS 471), Natural Colour (INS 150a), Use Nature Identical Flavour.

Contains Soybean, Wheat, Egg, Milk and may contain Sulphite






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Q : What is difference between ROSDEE CUBE and ROSDEE POWDER?

A : ROSDEE CUBE is different from ROSDEE POWDER because the ingredients contained in ROSDEE CUBE are specifically selected to match with soup (soup stock, spices for cooking soup) as well as the format also different – more convenient to cook soup with no measurement and no additional seasoning required (completed taste) while ingredients in ROSDEE POWDER is suitable for stir-fry and marinate (pork meat powder and roasted garlic) and its usage is all-purposed seasoning that can be adjustable in terms of quantity for taste enhancement.

Q : Does ROSDEE CUBE suitable for Vegetarian?

A : ROSDEE CUBE contained meat, meat bone soup stock and garlic which not suitable for vegetarians.

Q : Does ROSDEE CUBE suitable for Muslims?

A : ROSDEE CUBE Pork contained pork bone soup stock which not suitable for Muslims. However, ROSDEE CUBE Chicken and ROSDEE CUBE Tom Yum are available for Muslims due to contain no pork-derived ingredients.