Ajinomoto Thailand

Lite Sugar™

"Lite Sugar™" 
is low calorie sugar which gives half calorie of normal sugar and natural sweet.

Lite Sugar™ can be used for every dish including meat dish, and hot or cold drink

"Lite Sugar™" is not recommended for menus which take time for cooling such as roasting, steaming, and simmering.




Q : Could Lite Sugar™ safe for diabetes?

A : It depends on the severity of the disease. If they have a type of diabetes that could not consume sugar, it is not recommended because the main ingredient of Lite Sugar™ is sugar (99.5%). On the other hand, if they can consume sugar but have to control amount of sugar consumption followed doctor's recommendation, they can consume Lite Sugar™. Moreover, it is very suitable to consume because only half of Lite Sugar™ can provide the same sweetness as sugar helping them to control sugar consumption easily.

Q : Why Lite Sugar™ not suitable for phenylketonuria?

A : It is a genetic disorder. They could not use essential amino acids called phenylalanine in the body. Lite Sugar™ contains aspartame which phenylalanine included. If they consume phenylalanine, their body will not be able to digest and use it. For the symptoms of those who are phenylketonuria are not able to make melanin, have pale skin and hair, blue eyes, etc.

Q : What is aspartame?

A : Aspartame is one of sweeteners which could safe to consume and accepted in world wide. Aspartame could be found in natural such as milk, egg and meat. It is safe and digested and absorbed easily by human body. Aspartame provide sweetness level more than granulated sugar (sucrose) 180-200 times. It was popularity use in some beverage for who would like to limit sugar consumption.

Q : Claimed "only for adult", What is the least of age can consume?

A : Lite Sugar™ is the product which could be safe to consume. Children could consume but it has some reason to control because; - Lite Sugar™ provide low calorie and energy. So, it not suitable for child that might need high energy. - Phenylketonuria is a disease that may not be noticeable in children. Therefore, children should not consume.

Q : How long for the product shelf life?

A : 2 years in ambient.

Q : Could vegetarians and Muslims consume Lite Sugar™?

A : Vegetarians and Muslims could consume Lite Sugar™ because it does not contained meat and also has been certified Halal regulation.

Q : How energy of Lite Sugar™ provided?

A : Lite Sugar™ 1 sachet provide 15 Kcal and sweetness level same as 2 tea spoon of granulated sugar provided 32 Kcal.