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Ajinomoto debuts “Blendy Brand” in Thailand with “Lee Thanat – Ink Waruntorn” as a presenter


Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., penetrated beverage market in Thailand by debuting “Ajinomoto Blendy®”, the number one brand from Japan, which includes 2 types of beverage; Blendy Stick and Blendy PET with a variety flavor such as milk coffee, black coffee, milk tea, green tea, and cocoa, that you can relax and refresh yourself with its soft and smooth taste as Japanese style. Let’s have a Blendy Day with “Ajinomoto Blendy®”. 

Mr.Wonnarate Sukheeluck, Processed Food & Beverage Business Department Manager of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., stated that “Nowadays fresh brew coffee and café trend is booming among Thai people, especially female consumer group, Ajinomoto views this opportunity to expand target group and beverage market in Thailand, then we would like to introduce “Ajinomoto Blendy®” brand, the leading and successful brand from Japan, to Thai consumers. Ajinomoto Blendy® provides a variety of flavor with the premium raw material as its highlight into 2 drinking types; Blendy Stick will relax you with many flavors such as “Milk Coffee”, “1/2 Calorie Coffee” for health concerned person and its coffee powder imported from Japan, “Green tea” imported Green tea powder from Japan, and a premium “Cocoa” produced by the special technology from Japan, in order to give you a soft and smooth taste like serving directly from Japan. The other is Blendy PET, a cold drink in PET format, you can feel refreshing from the first sip that also comes with 3 flavors; a popular menu like “Milk Coffee”, a brazil blended “Black Coffee” with 100% Arabica bean through dripping process providing mellow taste and coffee aroma like fresh brew coffee, and “Milk Tea” selected from 100% earl grey tea mixing with milk that you can always enjoy sipping taste of Japanese style at your home during Work-From-Home all day. In addition, Blendy Stick provide  “½ Calorie Coffee only 30 kcal and  Blendy PET provide 3 flavor; Milk Coffee, Black Coffee, Milk Tea which certified by “Healthier Choice” logo as being the intention of our company to promote creating “healthy living society” and be the healthy choice for consumer as well as to improve the quality of life in accordance with our Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value policy (ASV). 

Moreover, “Ajinomoto Blendy®” launches the first TVC joined by “Lee - Thanat Lowkhunsombat” and “Ink - Waruntorn Paonil” is the first couple presenter. Let’s Have a Blendy Day with Lee and Ink through the new TVC and enjoy drinking our “Ajinomoto Blendy®” which is now available at E-commerce and convenient stores nationwide. You can keep update information of Birdy via its Facebook Fanpage “Blendy Thailand”.