Ajinomoto Thailand

Ajinomoto establishes the “Open-Link Innovation Space by Ajinomoto” at Food Innopolis


Recently, Mr.Ichiro Sakakura (2nd from right), President, together with Mr.Takumi Kazarimoto (2nd from left), Vice President of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., visited the “Open-Link Innovation Space by Ajinomoto” at Food Innopolis, Thailand Science Park, welcomed by Dr.Sanat Wongthawethong (middle), Deputy Director of Thailand Science Park.  

Thailand Science Park is the global food innovation hub that fully integrated infrastructure for science & technology that equipped with integrative food scientist, advanced research institutes with more than 100 networks, technologies and facilities, which available for anyone who interested in research or feasibility study to initial evaluation before starting the new business. In this regard, there was a small discussion regarding the idea exchanging for the future cooperation by using AJINOMOTO’s specialty as Amino acid technology for the new value creation together. Besides, the officer also guided for each organization’s location and showed the surrounding tour inside Thailand Science Park as well. 

The “Open-Link Innovation Space by Ajinomoto” was established as the company information sharing center to the externals as well as to be a linkage space of internal and external companies to create the opportunity towards businesses matching for the new value of product and service as of business ecosystem platform. Further, to be a facilitator to AJT co-project for data or collaboration required. Those kinds of innovation are conforming to Ajinomoto’s contributions to focus on nutrition and health of Thai consumers by adhering “The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV)” policy as the global food company to create “Healthy Living Society”. 

If any organization is interested in creating Shared Value alongside Ajinomoto, the Open-Link Innovation Space at Food Innopolis is available since July 2021 onwards at Food Innopolis, Thailand Science Park.