Ajinomoto Thailand

Ajinomoto introduces new Japanese style Gyoza delivering an authentic taste with easy preparation at home


            Nowadays, as COVID-19 situation and new normal lifestyle of people, consumer behavior was gradually changed and most of them prefer cooking at home instead of eating out. Ajinomoto as the leading food company aiming to become a solution-providing group of companies for food and health issues, then contributes to develop and introduce its new quality product “Ajinomoto Hanetsuki Pork Gyoza”, an authentic Japanese style Gyoza, to meet Thai consumer’s need which can easily prepare by yourself at home without going to Japan or any Japanese restaurant. ‘Hanetsuki’ is a Japanese word consists of ‘Hane’ and ‘Tsuki’ that means ‘wing’ and ‘with’ respectively, it totally means Gyoza which was orderly laid and fried in the pan and all are attached together like a wing.

Ajinomoto has meticulously developed this product by focusing on every step of production processed since the research and development with in-depth understanding of consumer need, the well selecting quality raw material by using pathogenic pork meat, mixing with quality spices like pepper, garlic, ginger, for the full-flavored deliciousness. “Ajinomoto Hanetsuki Gyoza”, an authentic Japanese style Gyoza, which provides crispy batter full with pork and spices inside offering happy moment with your beloved one. It also provides the cooking method that good for health since it can be cooked without using water and oil within only 7 minutes. This is one of our innovations that Ajinomoto has been contributing to create ‘Healthy Living Society’ for Thai consumers through our quality products and services focusing on quality, deliciousness along with nutrition and health promotion in accordance with our Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value policy (ASV).

            “Ajinomoto Hanetsuki Pork Gyoza” is now available at Gourmet Market, Fresket, Pandamart, Line Man Mart nationwide.