Ajinomoto Thailand

Ajinomoto promotes better health for Thais through new innovative product “SALT ANSWERTM KEM”, a flavor enhancer seasoning for low sodium product


           Ajinomoto continually pursues the potential of amino acids using its key expertise of “Amino Acids and Umami taste” to promote better health for Thais through the new product development named “SALT ANSWERTM KEM as the another healthy choice to lessen sodium usage in food industrial business. The product provides its key benefits in maintaining full flavor and deliciousness while significantly support food manufacturers to reduce sodium amount in their industrial products such as instant noodles, snacks, seasoning products, and etc. 

          The latest survey result of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicated that Thai people has an average on sodium intake level around 4,000 mg./day which is exceeding the recommendation amount of World Health Organization (WHO) at 2,000 mg./day. The excessive amount of sodium intake will effect unhealthy condition, kidney function, and lead to other NCDs. Ajinomoto, as the global leading food company, realizes the current situation of Thai people health and effect from the excessive amount of sodium intake, so we strive for new product research and development to promote health and well-being for Thai people and come with our new innovative product for food industrial business so called “SALT ANSWERTM KEM”, a flavor enhancer seasoning for low sodium product. The product can support food entrepreneur to control the low sodium level by reducing salt usage at 30%while maintaining the full-flavored taste including promote cost reduction of spices such as chilli, garlic, etc through its hotness and spiciness enhancement benefit. 

          The introduction of “SALT ANSWERTM KEM” as the another healthy choice for food industry business in lessening soduim amount in food industrial manufacturing is one of Ajinotomoto’s contributions to promote “Healthy living society” to Thai consumers alongside delivering high quality household products. The Ajinomoto Group aims to be the Genuine Global Specialty Company by adhering “The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV)” policy as our core business principle focusing on the social value creation in 3 aspects i.e. 1) create healthy living society 2) maximize food resource usage 3) create global sustainability. 


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