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Birdy Espresso – Latte debut a new duo presenter with new QI of Espresso, less sugar!


Recently, Birdy, the top market leader of RTD canned coffee in Thailand, debuted a new duo presenter of “Birdy Espresso” and “Birdy Latte” which are “Khem Hassawee” and “Mookda Narinrak” representing the new generation who enjoys drinking coffee at café. Besides, Birdy Espresso launched its new QI to capture health-conscious consumers target with 30% less sugar, but still authentic coffee aroma and feel like fresh brew coffee, together with “Birdy Latte”, as the same coffee latte style with its soft, sweet, and mellow taste awakening you to be ready all the time. 

Also, the new TVC just launched with a renowned duo presenter “Khem Hassawee” and “Mookda Narinrak” to represent product image under the concept “First sip, Feel like cafe”, focusing on the intense coffee of Birdy Espresso and the soft coffee of Birdy Latte which both perfectly blends with fresh milk. Let’s enjoy coffee feeling like drinking in the cafe along with “Khem-Mookda” through this new TVC and keep update information of Birdy via its Facebook Fanpage ‘Birdy World’ and www.ajinomoto.co.th  

“Birdy” is the pioneer of RTD canned coffee market of the country since 1993 and hold customers’ mind as the number one position since then. "Birdy Espresso" with 30% less sugar and "Birdy Latte" is now available in RTD coffee format at 15 Baht at 7-ELEVEN, leading convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.