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New “Birdy® Black Zero”, the clear black coffee and authentic aroma from Arabica coffee bean 100% with zero sugar and no sweet


“Birdy®”, the top market leader of RTD canned coffee in Thailand, introduces its new product “Birdy® Black Zero”, the clear black coffee taste and authentic aroma from Arabica coffee bean 100% with concept of “Zero sugar and no sweetness”. It has only 10 kilocalories per can and has been certified with the “Healthier Choice Logo” responding to the trend among the new generation of black coffee lovers to drink healthy black coffee and ready to start its new fresh day. Recently, the company has debuted a renowned actor “Jes- Jespipat Tilapornpat” as the presenter to represent the product image and its unique of healthy black coffee, expected to capture the new young generation of black coffee lovers with authentic coffee aroma and strengthening the number one leading position in Thailand’s market. 


Mr. Daisuke Ishii, Unit Manager of Quick Nourishment and Health & Nutrition Business of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. said that “currently, the total market value of RTD coffee in Thailand worth at around 13,000 million baht and the black RTD coffee market has grew up at around 25% compared to last year. Nowadays, black coffee has long been one of the most Thais’ favorite coffee drinks since the new generation of Thai coffee drinkers has become more health conscious with prefer less sugar and sweetness option. Birdy® as the pioneer and top leader of RTD coffee in Thailand, has introduced “Birdy® Black Zero” with zero sugar and no sweetness to be a healthy choice for coffee lovers. This reflects our core business principle so called “the Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value: ASV)” as the global food company to create “Healthy Living Society”. 

Mr. Wonnarate Suckeeluk, Processed Food and Beverage Business Department Manager, of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. additionally said that “Birdy® Black Zero” with zero sugar and no sweet is our latest innovative product which has been certified the “Healthier Choice Logo” and I am confident that this new product will become the preferable healthy option for Thai consumers. Birdy® has set an allocated budget of 200 million baht approximate for an integrated communication campaigns of all Birdy® RTD products. Recently, “Birdy® Black Zero” launched its new online TVC entitled “Real coffee taste & authentic coffee aroma” by having “Jes- Jespipat Tilapornpat”, a renowned actor, as a presenter to represent the product image of clear black coffee taste and authentic aroma from Arabica coffee bean 100 with zero sugar and sweetness as the healthy option for black coffee lovers. Please stay tuned for our new online TVC which will air in coming April, 2021. In addition, we also plan for various communication activities via digital platform, out-of-home media, point of sales materials, on ground activity and special promotion as well. 

“Birdy” is the pioneer of RTD canned coffee market of the country since 1993 and hold customers’mind as the number one position since then. “Birdy® Black Zero” with zero sugar and no sweetness is now available in RTD coffee format at 15 Baht at 7-ELEVEN, leading convenience stores and supermarkets nationwide.