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The Ajinomoto Group introduces the Ajinomoto Group Nutrient Profiling System for Menu (ANPS-M) to improve Consumer’s health through nutrition well-balanced meals


          The Ajinomoto Group will roll out the Ajinomoto Group Nutrient Profiling System for Menu (ANPS-M) as the world’s first nutrient profiling system to take Japan’s food culture and health issues into consideration which is a method to scientifically assess the nutritional value of cooked dishes (menu items). This was recently presented at the 80th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Public Health and the Group also plans to promote the development and implementation of ANPS-M overseas in various parts of the world such as ASEAN and Latin America including Thailand, as a system that accommodates the local food culture of each country and respective region.

          As interest in improving nutrition has grown around the world, global food companies have been developing and introducing nutrient profiling systems (NPS) as methods for assessing the amount of nutrients contained in a food on a scientific basis in order to express its nutritional quality in an easy-to-understand manner. The Ajinomoto Group previously launched the ANPS-P (Ajinomoto Group Nutrient Profiling System for Products) in 2020. The ANPS-P enables a better understanding of nutritional issues by using a common standard to assess the nutritional value of the Ajinomoto Group’s products. It has been utilized to renew its products and provide products with high nutritional value. (As of the end of November 2021, approximately 500 products from nine Ajinomoto Group companies in seven countries have been assessed.)At the same time, the Ajinomoto Group recognizes the limits to the ANPS-P and other NPS used globally, to assess products like seasonings that are normally not eaten on their own, as a self-standing food item.

          The newly developed ANPS-M addresses that issue and makes it possible to assess the nutritional values of dishes prepared with seasoning products, including providing clarity on nutritional issues and thereby informs how to improve the highlighted nutritional issues, such as supporting reduction of salt and fat and optimizing protein and vegetable intake, without compromising on taste. Furthermore, the Ajinomoto Group will utilize this system to provide support to consumers so that they can eat nutritionally well-balanced meals.

          The Ajinomoto Group will continue contributing to comfortable lifestyles and extending healthy life expectancies for people around the world, and strive to become a company that helps resolve food and health issues which reflects our core business operating we have been adhering as we called “The Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value (ASV)”