Product Concept: Organic chemical fertilizers

To supply the increased amount of products for agricultural sectors from Ajinomoto Co. (Thailand) Ltd., which swiftly expands its manufacturing and sale volume into the high competitive market, FD Green (Thailand) Co. Ltd. was established in 2001, with 2 branches. There are Bangkok branch and Kamphaeng Phet branch.

Organic chemical fertilizers SKUs

> Organic chemical fertilizers

AJIFOL® is an organic fertilizer applied by spraying onto leaves. It is a high quality fertilizer and suitable for all plants.

> Organic chemical fertilizers

Ami Mate® is the Organic Chemical Fertilizer developed to meet consumer demands with the optimal nutrients for plant growth. There are many formulas to choose from, such as the 8-3-4; help strengthen the tree trunk, leaves, and, yields. The 3-8-8; helps increase starch and sugar contents as well as yields. Besides, Ami Mate® organic chemical fertilizer also contains more than 10% of key organic substances.


In addition, with the advanced technology of MSG production, Nitrogen source such as Urea can be brought for further production of chemical fertilizer, which are Ammonium Sulfate ((NH4)2SO4) Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl) and compound fertilizer. And the development of some co-products can be used as animal feed due to its nutritional components such as Amino acid, Carbohydrate, salts, and other minerals.

In order to build customer confidence, FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has dedicated to set its own standards for the company and the products, leading to the international standard achievements of ISO 9001 Quality standard, ISO 14001 Environmental standard, OHSAS18001 Occupational health and safety standard, Thai Industry Standard (TIS) 18001, and the certificate of corporate social responsibility, CSR-DIW. Such contributions reflect the intention of FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. that always create the best satisfaction for customers, and care for the society and the environment.

Besides the strong will to continually develop quality products for customers, FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has paid attention to conduct researches and development in cooperation with the Thai Technology and Engineering Center of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. as well and public agencies such as Department of Agriculture, Department of Fisheries, and various academic institutions to collect necessary information and study the long term effects that might be caused by the company products. And the research attests the effectiveness and environment friendly of all products.

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