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AJINOMOTO® is the first manufacturer of ribonucleotides in Thailand to manufacture "AJITIDE® I+G " (a 50/50 mixture of IMP and GMP).
Ribonucleotides are a mixture of inosinate and guanylate, being used as a flavor enhancer for manufacturing of food.

Together with MSG, ribonucleotides are abundantly present in many foods and responsible for enhance umami taste or delicious taste of like MSG. MSG is contain with high glutamate which is found in breast milk, cheese and vegetables like tomato.

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Ribonucleotides, inosinate (IMP) is found in animal food as in fish, beef, chicken, where as guanylate (GMP) is dominant in plant food as in shiitake mushroom which has strong and excellent umami.
Ribonucleotides have synergistic effect on flavor enhancing with MSG. Addition of ribonucleotides at 3-12% against MSG concentration will increase the taste about 3-8 times higher than that of only MSG.

Application of ribonucleotides in processed food will bring much better taste in the presence of MSG.

Nucleotides, when combined with monosodium glutamate (MSG), produce synergistic effect that results in rich Umami flavor.
Demand for nucleotides has increased rapidly in tandem with the expanding processed food market.

Ribonucleotides in natural foods and "AJITIDE® I+G" are the same “Natural Flavors” which create umami taste in foods.

"AJITIDE® I+G " is produced as same as MSG through the fermentation process by using Thailand tapioca starch as natural raw material.

The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT) has certified "AJITIDE® I+G" which has been produced by Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd. as HALAL product for Muslims. The certificate covers product itself, raw material (Tapioca Starch) and production base.
In addition to its taste enhancing properties, "AJITIDE® I+G" offers significant advantages in solubility, stability, convenience and economy.

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