Product Concept: RosDee Less Sodium

RosDee® Less sodium (Pork flavor) is a new formula of powder seasoning that reduced sodium content 50 % for people who would like to reduce sodium consumption for each meal. However, it still keeps deliciousness and full-flavored taste to cook every menu easily; stir-fry, boil, deep-fry, curry and marinate. With the appropriate mixture of real pork powder, well-selected spices, and the seasoning which decreased the saltiness, all are the unique and delicate recipe that make every dish still delicious and have nice natural aroma of pepper and garlic. It is suitable for people who would like to decrease sodium per meal with only 16 baht for 60g, you can cook deliciously for good health for all family members.

RosDee Less Sodium SKUs

> RosDee Less Sodium


60 g.


15 Baht

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