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Activa TG

Transglutaminase(TG), which is widely distributed in nature, is an enzyme with the revolutionary ability to improve the physical properties of various foods containing proteins. TG, an original produc...

Ajitide I+G

AJINOMOTO® is the first manufacturer of ribonucleotides in Thailand to manufacture "AJITIDE® I+G " (a 50/50 mixture of IMP and GMP).   Ribonucleotides are a mixture of inosinate and guany...

Protein Drink (Prottie Brand)

Prottie is Protein Drink form milk and soy with chocolate flavor. It contains protein 5,000 mg and nutrition from total 15 kinds of vitamins and minerals. It also includes high Calcium 500 mg and high...

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Ajinomoto Foundation grants 20 MB under "Ajinomoto for Thais...

Ajinomoto exhibits Company Booth in “Thailand Industry Expo...

“Ajinomoto” sponsors the 30th SEA Games to be held in the Ph...

Ajinomoto heightens opportunity for people with disabilities...

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