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Establishment : 2001
FD Green (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the first company of The Ajinomoto Group of Companies in Thailand, established as ‘Green Business Model’ in managing ‘Co-products’ derived from the production processes, the product from the company are “Ami-Ami®”, a natural soil conditioner for plants that can also be used as plankton’s nutrient in fishery industry, “Root Mate®”, a high quality organic chemical fertilizer and “Ajitein™”, feed additive. The company establishment is purposed to help Thai agriculturists reduce their production cost, increase productive growths, and simultaneously improve the national economy. The company comprises of 3 sites located in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Kamphaeng Provinces. In addition, we are also the service provider in supplying agricultural products e.g. cabbage, coffee, and etc. to the Ajinomoto Group under the “Bio-Cycle” policy.

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