Research & Development Staff (Fermentation) Based at Ayutthaya (2 Positions(s))

Ayutthaya Factory

Job Description :

1. Responsible for the technical development of fermentation process technologies according to fermentation team R&D plan
by analyzing data and generating reports to superior.
2. Coordinate with internal entities (Production Department of each factory) for gathering technical data from concerned units
and periodically reporting to superiors to offer technical solutions for Production Index improvement.
3. Make suggestions to contribute to the production process improvement and new products development
4. Executes feasibility studies according to assignments (conceptual & detail) that related with fermentation process development.
5. Maintain practice of strain security control, selected applicants shall be asked to sign Non-Disclosure Agreement upon hiring.
6. Work in alighment with the company Safety, Environment, and Quality policies.
7. Other assignments as necessary.


Job Qualification :

1. Bachelor Degree or Master Degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemical or any other related field 

2. 0-3 years experience in fermentation process development in food industry is preferable.
3. Newly graduate are welcome
4. Good command of spoken and written English (no TOEIC score required).
5. Basic Statistic and Experimental Design skills are preferable.
6. Being a proactive person with good communication skill.


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