Quality Management System Staff (1 ตำแหน่ง)

สำนักงานใหญ่ (พญาไท)

Job Description :

- To support and perform for quality assessment to ensure no violation of regulation and risk of quality trouble.

- To support for religious registration and management such as Halal / Kosher

- To cooperate with relevant units for supplier, customer and certification renewal audits.

- To support, handle and cooperate with factories for quality troubles.

- To communicate and collaborate with all concerned units for quality management system

- Create and verify the Certificate Public Accountant (CPA) of the internal trouble notified to prevent the recurrence and effectively implement.

Job Qualification :

- Bachelor Degree in Food science, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Agricultural Industry or related field

- Welcome New Graduated or 0-2 years of experience in Quality field

- Age Between 20-26 Years

- Ability to learn a variety of job tasks

- Conflict Management

- Nimble Learning

- Well communication practice

- Time Management skill

- Good command in spoken and written in English, Computer literacy