Marketing Staff (Beverage Business Product) (1 ตำแหน่ง)

สำนักงานใหญ่ (พญาไท)

Job Description :

1. To support product development & Consumer research. (Beverage Business Product)

2. To support brand management activities and brand communication development.

3. To support and co-with sales function in part of sales performance management and analysis.

4. To be a part of marketing budget control, production cost and P/L management.

5. To create sales promotion and analysis as team support.

Job Qualification :

1) Male or Female age between 22 - 24 years olds

2) Bachelor or master degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Economic or related field.

3) Has experience in marketing, sales, brand communication, PR, consumer research or related field (At least 1 year for bachelor degree) *

4) Strong logical thinking and mathematic skill.

5) Be energetic and able to work in cross-cultural atmosphere.

6) Good command of spoken and written in English.