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is made from dried bonito and combine with selective ingredients, suitable for cooking Japanese menu and soup to give good uniqe aroma and delicious taste.


Monosodium L-glutamate (INS 621) 32.50%, Disodium 5’Inosinate (INS 631) 2.60%, Disodium Succinate (INS 364 (ii)) 0.36%, Non-Iodized Salt, Lactose, Sugar, Dried Bonito Tuna Powder, Bonito Extract, Yeast Extract
Allergen Information:
Contains Fish and Milk

















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Q : Is Hondashi Halal?

A : Hondashi does not have halal logo but customer can require for a document to approve this product is not contain pork.

Q : How long is shelf-life of Hondashi?

A : Shelf-life of Hondashi is 18 months from its manufacturing date. After the product has been opened, keep it in dry place.

Q : Where is Hondashi produced?

A : Hondashi is imported from Japan.

Q : How to use Hondashi?

A : 7 grams of Hondashi per 1,000 cm3 of soup. The suggested amount of use is labelled on packaging. Also customer can adjust amount of use for preference taste.

Q : What is the importance of Bonito aroma in Japanese food?

A : It is an original of 'Umami' (tasty taste) which is a heart of Japanese food, such as, Dashi soup, Fish stock, and other variety menus. With high technology processing, Hondashi is in granule form which well keep aroma of Bonito and give standard flavour.