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Banner of Takumi Aji® Sauce Pad (Stir-fried sauce)
Banner of Takumi Aji® Sauce Pad (Stir-fried sauce)

Takumi Aji® Sauce Pad (Stir-fried sauce)

Takumi Aji® Sauce Pad (Stir-fried sauce)
Sauce Pad, Brand “Takumi-Aji” is produced from good quality of soy sauce with natural fermented process under Japanese Production Technology. Takumi-Aji Sauce Pad contains sesame oil and pepper, only one bottle of Takumi-Aji Sauce Pad can apply with any vegetable stir-fried or meat stir-fried which provide well rounded taste, no need to add more seasoning.


Sugar 17%, Japanese Soy Sauce 17%, Non-Iodized Salt 9%, Fructose Syrup 7%, Sesame Oil 1%, Pepper 0.2%

Allergen Information
Contains Wheat, Soybean, Milk and may contain of Egg

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Q : Does Takumi-Aji® suitable for Vegetarian?

A : All Takumi-Aji® 3 recipes contained alcohol from natural fermented process.Sauce Pad contains of garlic which not suitable for vegetarians. Please, consider each individual.

Q : Does Takumi-Aji® has Hala certificate?

A : No, Takumi-Aji® doesn't has Halal certificate.