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Stop Bullying MSG


The truth about MSG that you may not be know yet. Other than the fact that MSG helps to harmonize taste to make your food delicious, there are some who think that consuming MSG will cause symptoms such as hair loss, dry throat, or numb lips, but what we hear may not always be true. Let's open up to the truth and facts about MSG misunderstandings.

Does MSG lead to Hair Loss?

Genetics is the most common cause of hair loss. More than 60% of men with little or no hair have inherited the gene from their fathers. Other factors that contribute to hair loss include stress, malnutrition, poor diet, weight loss, and side effects from medications.

Does MSG lead to Dry Throat?
Dry throat or thirst may be caused by excessive consumption of sodium, which is mostly contained in seasonings. Fish sauce, salt, soy sauce, and MSG all contain sodium and can cause a dry throat or thirst if used in large amounts. Such symptoms may occur naturally even after consuming soup that has been heavily seasoned with seasonings containing a high amount of sodium.

Does MSG lead to Numb Lips?
MSG allergies are possible, as with allergies to shrimp or nuts, and may cause symptoms such as 
mouth numbness after eating. There is currently no scientific evidence that MSG consumption affects biochemistry or histology.