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Running techniques


Correct standing and walking postures which lead to effective running.

-The correct running technique should start from the standing posture by standing with your feet shoulder width apart, straighten your body, and hold your abdomen together to keep the hips in the correct position.

Then start walking while still holding the stomach together, straighten your body, and walk with full feet.

Remember this gait and run in the same stance which will greatly reduce your risk of injury.

Techniques for strengthening the core muscles

The core muscle group is the key to our ability to run better.

Single Leg Balance training helps strengthen the core muscles of the body. You can do it in 2 ways: training on the bare floor and standing on a balance pad to train the nervous system to direct the muscles in different parts to control the system in the body. Training in this way will cause the core muscles to be activated over time, thereby building core strength and helping to prevent injuries as well.

Techniques for running to move forward effectively

Anyone who wants to run faster should train their body to feel the gravity by standing facing a pole or wall, extending both arms straight forward and leaning towards the wall by putting weight from the ankle up to the wall or pole, then practice raising the legs and placing them one at a time alternatively, which is an exercise that can be applied to our running.

It is important to not strain yourself to move forward; the faster you want to go, the more you need to relax.

Beginner  Training Plan

Heart rate-beats per minute for each age. When exercising, divided into different zones that compare the % maximum heart rate.