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Cycling techniques



How to Bike Fitting to make cycling longer and less tiring

The position of the rider on the bicycle (Bike Fitting) is a top priority for long-distance cyclists to pay attention to, especially in triathlons where racers spend more time on the bike than sprinting and swimming, causing them to face all-round resistance from the front, side, and tailwind.

Riders therefore need to find the aero position and the slight elevation to allow for comfortable breathing, which is dependent on the individual's physique.

In this clip, the technique of holding the Aero Bar is shared for avoiding neck pain and how to hold the waist for the abdominal muscles to support the body in order to keep the back straight and not bend the body. The rider can stay in the aero position for a long time to save as much energy as possible for as long as possible.

How to properly organize the energy system on the bike in a triathlon

Many people experience issues of not running well enough or not as fast as they want, or even cramps after cycling. All of this is due to inadequate time management on the bike, causing systemic agitation.

Therefore, managing the energy system on a bicycle is something that should not be neglected. First, you need to know how many calories you use for cycling and prepare enough energy for it.

Such energy is energy gel, that can be carried on a bicycle and calculation is necessary for the sufficient amount of calories required for the energy used by the body.

This can be supplemented by carrying aminoVITAL with you to increase energy and BCAA into the body to provide nutrients to the muscles to be ready for continuous heavy use.

When you get off your bike and start running, you've got a full tank of gas ready to continue on to the finish line.


Strength training for riding the bike more stable with less pain in the lower back.

Many cyclists may experience problems with their torso staggering while cycling or experience lower back pain when in the Aero position for a long time.

That means you'll need to work on additional muscle groups in your back to get stronger and not get tired too easily.

Training can be done by using equipment such as weights for strength conditioning of various parts of the body with the kettlebell swing move. Then train strength of the body core (Core stabilize) with the mountain climb move, starting by stretching your body on the ground in the plank position, then bend one leg towards the body as such when climbing a mountain, bending both legs back and forth alternatively. With this, the body core will gradually become stronger if practiced regularly.