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Ajinomoto Shabu Soup

Concentrated Soup powder, Tonkotsu flavor (Ajinomoto Brand)
The Japanese pork bones soup is giving the aroma and flavor of pork bone, Japanese style. Rich and delicious taste, no need to simmer for a long time. Well-rounded taste, stable taste, easy to use. Suitable for make Shabu/Hot pot soup or Ramen soup.


Usages : 

For making Shabu soup: Tonkotsu powder 28g (4 table spoon) : Hot/boiled water 1,000ml
For making Ramen soup: Tonkotsu powder 28g (4 table spoon) : Hot/boiled water 1,000ml

Ingredients :

Iodized salt 28% Non-dairy creamer 21% Soup powder 20% Sugar 4% Corn starch 4% Pork meat powder 3% Spice 0.5%



Contains Wheat, Rye, Barley, Spelt, Soybean, Milk, Sulphite and may contain Shrimp,Crab


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Q : What is Tonkotsu Shabu Soup?

A : Japanese-style bone soup powder, mellow, stable, easy to use, suitable for making shabu soup or ramen. It also gives the smell and taste of Japanese-style pork bone, intensely delicious, does not need to be simmered for many hours.

Q : How is a Tonkotsu different from a Tonkatsu?

A : Tonkotsu in Japanese means soup made from pork bones. Tonkatsu in Japanese means deep-fried pork.

Q : What temperature should be dissolved in water?

A : It should be dissolved in hot water or boiling water.

Q : When the Tonkotsu soup powder is boiled into the water and left How should I store it?

A : The soup should keep in the refrigerator in a sealed container. The soup can keep it for two days without changing the quality.

Q : The sediment formed after dissolving the Tonkotsu soup powder with water and set aside. Does it affect quality? And when it is settling, what should I do?

A : The sediment that occurs is a mixture of pork powder. that may have some sediment which does not affect product quality can use the product normally.

Q : How long can the product be stored?

A : It can keep for 18 months from the date of manufacture. You can see the expiration date as stated on the label.

Q : Recommendations for the storage of the product.

A : It should keep away from moisture and sunlight. After opening, should be completely closed.

Q : What are excipients? Is it dangerous to health?

A : Excipients are the ones that help increase the weight of the product. Without affecting the taste and nutritional value, Excipients can find common food and pharmaceutical products.

Q : Does this product contain preservatives?

A : No preservatives added. To prevent deterioration from microorganisms Because it is a dry powder form product. The water content of the product is relatively low. which is insufficient for the growth of microorganisms. The deterioration of this product is due only to its physical characteristics that change over storage time.

Q : What does the "spelt" listed in the food allergy information mean?

A : Spelt is the name of whole-grain wheatgrass. It is commonly used to make spelt flour and can use as a substitute for wheat flour. It contains gluten, which is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

Q : Patients with limited iodine intake can eat or not?

A : Can be eaten in moderation. because this product contains iodized edible salt.

Q : Can pregnant women eat this product?

A : Pregnant women can eat. Because the ingredients in the product are certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Q : If eating more than the recommended amount on the product sachet, will it be dangerous to health?

A : It is not harmful to health.

Q : When the Tonkotsu soup powder is boil in boiling water, Then bubbles appear. What should I do?

A : Foaming when pouring powder It can generally happen that the powder is pouring while the water is too boiling. If foaming occurs, reduce the fire slightly. And use a spoon or ladle to stir the soup thoroughly. Tips to prevent foaming. Pour the powder as the water starts to boil and stir the soup together.

Q : If you keep the Tonkotsu soup powder and it forms. Is it still can use?

A : If the powder forms, it can press to break and still can use. The quality does not deteriorate but if the powder forms cannot press to break will result in inhomogeneity It may cause the food to have an unstable taste.

Q : Can a vegetarian or vegan eat it?

A : This product contains meat. Not suitable for vegetarians.